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Home-based learning activity

By Tammy Kong on 22/10/2021

Home-based learning activity

Need help with your grocery shopping? Turn your trip to the supermarket into an exciting treasure hunt with your child! 

Here are some tips to incorporate more Mandarin in your grocery shopping routine: 

  1. Tell him/her the description of the item you require and send him/her looking for an item in the supermarket section you are in. For example: Please help Mummy/Daddy to find the yellow corn 黄色的玉米 (just like in our app!)
  2. Make sure to get him/her to repeat the items in Mandarin before putting them in your basket!
  3. Alternatively, if you are not getting all the items, try to get your child to spot all the items and name them in Mandarin!

Go through the supermarket chapter of our Prep Junior app with your child for a revision of the item names!