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How We Prep

Prep Junior is a Chinese language learning mobile application game for young learners aged 4 to 6 years old.

Do you know that children learn best in a familiar environment? Prep Junior’s language learning app gives your child access to explore an exciting virtual learning journey around Singapore.

Why learn with Prep Junior?

  • Interactive, value-driven content
  • Fun game quest which keeps the children engaged
  • Ad-free and worry-free for parents
  • Uses Vgotsky’s ZPD education concept & Visual Auditory Kinesthetic learning concepts



Authentic activities that mimic real life

Vygotsky’s theory of scaffolding can be one of the most beneficial concepts a teacher can put into place within their classroom. Vygotsky scaffolding is part of the education concept “zone of proximal development” or ZPD. The ZPD encompasses the set of skills or knowledge which one cannot attain without the help or guidance of someone more skillful or more knowledgeable.

An interesting element of Vygotsky’s construct of the ZPD is the stipulation that learning and teaching should happen in ‘whole’ or ‘authentic’ activities that mimic real life. For example, a child should not be taught to write as an abstract skill, rather through purposeful tasks such as writing a letter. Therefore, learning and teaching should happen in whole authentic activities that mimic real life. This is the thinking behind Prep Junior’s Prepventure Map where we carefully choose places of interest and original illustrations of life in Singapore. Prep Junior can be played in conjunction with learning journeys organized by schools or parents.

Supports Diverse Learning Styles

As children grow, they experience the world in new and different ways each time. The way in which they experience and learn about the world around them is unique to every individual.

Although different learning styles emerge as children mature, research shows that preschool learners generally learn in one of three ways: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Often, they blend one or more of these styles together. For the most part, no one relies completely on one learning style over their entire lifetime. That’s why Prep Junior aims to cater to the diversity of learning styles.

See it. Hear it. Touch it. – Three Diverse Learning Styles.

Visual Learners

Prep Junior presents information with pictures or images. Visual Learners often recognize numbers and letters more effectively than children with another type of learning style.

Auditory Learners

Every keyword and sentence in Prep Junior is accompanied by voiceover to help elevate their understanding. Auditory Learners understand information best when they hear it.

Kinesthetic Learners

Prep Junior encourages parents and teachers to engage active learners by bringing them outdoors and learn these day-to-day phrases. Kinesthetic Learners learn best by manipulating objects and engaging in physical activities.

您知道吗?孩子们在他们熟悉的环境中学习的效果最好。Prep Junior关于学前儿童华文学习的游戏应用程序,可以让您的孩子在他们熟悉的虚拟环境中探索一段令人兴奋的学习之旅。

为什么要和Prep Junior 一起学习?

  • 有互动性,物有所值的内容。
  • 让孩子们在游戏任务中时刻保持专注力。
  • 帮助孩子们在熟悉的环境中学习。
  • 没有广告干扰,让父母无后顾之忧。
  • 维果斯基的鹰架式学习教育理念和视觉、听觉、动觉三种感官型学习理念。





维果斯基的鹰架式学习理论构造中,一个有趣的元素是学习和教学应该在模仿现实生活的“整体”或“真实”活动中进行。 例如,不应该教孩子抽象书写的技能,而要通过写字词等有目的的任务来教他。 因此,学与教应该发生在模仿真实生活的情境中。 这就是Prep Junior的Prepventure Map背后的思想。在这里我们精心选择了孩子们感兴趣的地方和新加坡生活情境的回放呈现。 Prep Junior的学习之旅不但可以在学校开展,还可以和家长一起玩。



尽管不同的学习方式会随着孩子的成长而出现,但研究表明,学前儿童通常以三种方式学习:视觉、听觉和动觉。通常,他们会将一种或多种风格混合在一起。在很大程度上,没有人在一生中完全依赖一种学习方式。这就是为什么Prep Junior的目标是迎合多样化的学习风格。



Prep Junior用图片或图像显示信息。 视觉型学习者通常比具有其它型学习方式的孩子更为有效地识别数字和字母。


Prep Junior中的每个关键字和句子都有配音,以帮助学习者提高理解能力。 对于听觉型学习者在听到信息时,会最为了解。


Prep Junior鼓励父母和老师学习日常短语时,通过把活跃的动觉学习者带到户外来吸引他们。 动觉型学习者可以通过操纵物体和进行体育活动来学习。